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Solutions To A Complete Smile

Living with failing, missing or even decayed teeth can make it painful to carry out daily functions such as eating the foods you enjoy, having conversations and even smiling in photos. We know that with this lack of self-confidence, it can be hard to imagine yourself with a smile you can be proud to show off. With our full arch dental implants, you can finally put all those concerns to rest and enjoy a healthy, radiant new smile immediately after your dental appointment! We are proud to offer patients the highest standard in dental implant treatment for their missing or failing teeth and do so with an exceptional board-certified dentist, Dr. Joseph Gendler, and minimally invasive advanced technology for a precise and predictable surgery. Restoring your quality of life has never been easier with dental implants that create dazzling smiles and lasting results.

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Dr. Gendler

Talks About Wanting To Eat What You Enjoy Again Without Pain And Embarrassment – Dental Implants May Be The Solution

Our Full Arch Dental Implants VS Removable Options

Traditional dentures have been known as the most common option for replacing failing or missing teeth. However, recently, traditional dentures have been proven to be an outdated option as the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. While dentures are known to be a less costly option as it eliminates the need for surgery and can be made in just a few short weeks for almost immediate use, they cover the roof of the mouth and block upward of 75% of their taste. Dentures also rely on adhesives to stay in place which can be messy when they come loose, shift, or fall out. Since dentures are not secured in the jawbone, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate and create sunken facial appearances from jawbone loss.

Our full arch dental implants are designed to preserve the jawbone quality and bone density which also protects your facial structure and appearance. Since they are secured in your jawbone, dental implants will not move, shift, or fall out during the day. Dental implants function like natural teeth that are rooted in your gums so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the taste of your favorite, nutritious meals. While our dental implants can become more costly due to surgery requirements, we offer competitive and affordable payment options to fit your budget so you can enjoy your new smile without the heavy cost. The healing process for dental implants is typically 2-6 months before we can place your permanent set of teeth, but you will walk out of your dental visit with a temporary set of teeth that function and look like natural teeth so you are never without a beautiful smile.

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Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

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Your Journey To A Beautiful, Secure Smile

Smile restoration has become such a personalized treatment, and we go great lengths to ensure your new smiles are exactly how you imagined them. With our advanced technology and extensive training and experience of Dr. Gendler, we are able to build smiles you love and can be proud of! We’ll start your dental implant journey with a consultation with Dr. Gendler where you will discuss your medical history and smile goals, and collect digital images of your current oral health to formulate a treatment plan that appeals to your smile wants. Your next step is to undergo surgery where Dr. Gendler will follow our all-on-4 to six protocol to place four or six dental implants in your jawbone to secure your brand new smile. We will attach your temporary restoration so you never can begin enjoying the benefits of your complete smile! Upon completion of surgery, your mouth will heal through a process called osseointegration – the process of your dental implants healing and fusing with your jawbone – to take place. Once your full arch dental implants have had time to heal, you will be ready for your final appointment of placing your final restoration. With proper hygiene, your dental implants could last a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy many days of beautiful smiles!

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