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Modern Technology For Restored Smiles

Extensive training, advanced technology, and continuing education is how Dr. Joseph Gendler provides the highest quality dental care to each and every patient here at Gendler Implant Center in Hopkins, MN. Dr. Gendler and our team bring our revolutionary dental technology and dental training into every single patient appointment to create exceptional smiles with absolute precision. In many cases, our team takes a leading role in groundbreaking technological advancements to help provide exceptional care for every patient, every day!

Dr. Gendler and our team bring our revolutionary dental technology and dental training into every single patient appointment to create exceptional smiles with absolute precision.

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Your Journey To A Completely Restored Smile

While being a full-service dental office, we’re able to offer personalized services to many different patients, no matter their dental issue. With the help of our cone beam computed technology (CBCT) scanner, digital x-rays machine, and intraoral camera, we are able to capture high-quality images of your teeth to evaluate your current oral health state and even determine candidacy for custom treatment plans such as dental implants. When it comes to impressions, say goodbye to the uncomfortable, traditional impressions as our digital impressions and teeth scans use a wand-like tool connected to computer software that allows you and Dr. Gendler to create a virtual model of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. Our advanced technology even works together to create beautiful smiles with our Trios 3Shape Intraoral Digital Scanner to display a 3D impression of your teeth and smile preview software.

These two are such useful pieces of technology when it comes to creating your personalized treatment plan. Our advanced technology even aids Dr. Gendler in our dental implant procedures. With our implant planning software, Dr. Gendler is able to not only create precise, predictable surgeries, he is able to map out your implant surgery beforehand making for a virtually error-free surgery! Your dental implants will be placed at the right depth and angle to ensure your long-lasting results. While our technology helps in surgeries and more complex procedures, we utilize our dental lab in routine appointments as well. Our dental lasers – aids in removal of soft tissue to check for cancer lesions – vital signs monitor, laser cavity detection, and our Scope cancer screening technologies can detect cavities before they form and scan for cancerous lesions of the mouth. With the help of our in-house dental lab, we are streamlining the way we take care of our patients and meeting every appointment with compassion and accuracy.

Personalized And Convenient Processes

Comfortability, relaxation, and stress-free visits for each patient we see is our top priority. We are able to offer this top-tier care by taking care of your dental procedures from start to finish in-house, eliminating the need for a third-party. With the help of our dental laboratory, Dr. Gendler and our exceptional staff are able to offer a more personalized, tailored treatment option that provides convenience, affordable procedures, and even less time at our office for your dental visits. Our in-house dental lab allows Dr. Gendler to personally offer many customizable treatment plans such as affordable dental implants, orthodontic services such as braces and Invisalign, screen for cancerous lesions, craft final restorations with our full mouth dental implant lab, place veneers with precision, create dental crowns and bridges, reshape your teeth, alter gum levels, and conduct TMJ surgeries. Our dental lab even helps streamline our routine dental appointments to make them more relaxing and comfortable so you can enjoy your dental visit!

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Delivering Lasting Results

With all the modernizations made in the dental world, we are able to provide world class care right here in Hopkins, MN. With the help of our on-site dental lab, every treatment plan is streamlined from the very beginning and delivers precise results the first time, every time. Our in-house dental lab also allows for your entire treatment process to be handled right here in our office, directly by Dr. Gendler himself. Since we don’t have to outsource to an outside dental lab, this also keeps your costs low, manageable, and affordable. With this, we are able to provide consistent results that align with your treatment plan to ensure the smile we are creating is the smile you can’t wait to be in. The technology from our full mouth dental implant lab takes every part of guesswork out of the equation when it comes to our personalized treatment plans, making each procedure simple, comfortable, and accurate. We are proud to combine care that is meticulous and modern to create smiles that are made to last a lifetime for you and your family.

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