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Crafting A Custom Plan Before Treatment

Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror at your smile, wondering what it would look like if it were just a bit straighter, had less gaps, or even if it were complete? Envisioning your smile without the dental concerns you’ve always had may be a hard thing to do and we understand how beneficial it can be to get an idea of how changes to your mouth will alter your smile before you fully commit to a treatment plan, especially if your treatment plan may involve more than one repair. Dr. Joseph Gendler and our advanced in-house dental technology takes the guesswork out of our treatment plans with the help of our smile design technology. Our smile design dentistry technology allows our patients to see what their new smile will look like once their personalized treatment plans are completed. This technology gives you the chance to see just how life-changing these results can be!

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Understanding Smile Design Software

Traditionally, seeing how specific treatment plans would look involved looking at other patients before and after photos, which hardly gives the best description of how the treatment will look for you and your smile. Our smile design technology not only takes the guesswork out of the equation, it also shows our patients that their dental concerns are treatable. Dr. Gendler uses our cone beam CT scanner (CBCT scanner) to capture 3D images of your mouth, which are then loaded into our smile design software for Dr. Gendler to test out different treatment plans to bring your smile goals to life. It’s this advanced software that can show you images of what your smile will look like once your dental treatments are completed. Dental smile design software allows Dr. Gendler to craft a precise, detailed treatment plan to assess the dental concerns you have before agreeing to a treatment plan. Smile design software has allowed us to streamline dentistry like never before, and we are proud to be able to offer this to each of our patients when it comes to crafting dream smiles.

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How Smile Design Is Changing Dentistry

Here at Gendler Implant Center, we understand change, especially involving dental work, can be hard. However, our smile design dentistry makes it easy by removing the guesswork. While we utilize this software to show us a preview of what your new smile could look like, it allows you and Dr. Gendler to craft a treatment plan to tackle all your dental concerns at once before committing to making any changes to your teeth. Being able to see what specific treatment plan will do for your smile is such an important aspect for many patients as it can show what you thought you might need, versus what your teeth are in need of. If you’ve ever wondered if a dental treatment would be a good fit for you, smile design software can show you exactly how it would look on you. Let us help you make your next dental visit an easy one with smile design dentistry!

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