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Your New Smile Without The Guesswork

Investing in your oral health is such a rewarding experience. When you invest in our full mouth dental implants, you’re not just investing in new teeth, you’re investing in a more confident, healthy, and enjoyable life. This confident, healthy life will allow you to smile without thinking twice or being embarrassed, enjoy all the foods you love, and feel better about yourself while finding a new zest for life. With the help of dental implants, this life of ease and confidence doesn’t have to be so far away. Dr. Joseph Gendler here at Gendler Implant Center achieves the highest level of precision when it comes to performing full mouth dental implants through our guided implant surgery technology. This technology not only streamlines our dental implant procedures, it creates desired results with accuracy and ease for a full, healthy, and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!

What Is Chrome Guided Surgery?

Involving the utilization of advanced machinery and image technology to guide Dr. Gendler through the most complex of procedures, guided implant surgery is one of the most useful pieces of technology in our on-site dental lab. While our guided surgeries pose many advantages, the most beneficial include the precision and predictability of dental implant surgery. This guided implant surgery involves a highly detailed planning process prior to surgery and requires the use of a Cone Beam Scanner (CBCT Scanner) to capture 3D images of your teeth, jawbone and any other oral structures. Once the surgical guide is complete, it’s used during your dental implant surgery. This guide ensures that Dr. Gendler is placing your dental implants in the correct location, depth and angle, making for a predictable and precise surgery that’s virtually error-free! Our guided surgeries allow for shorter healing time, minimally invasive procedures and an extremely low risk of complications for dental implants. Since most of the surgical planning is completed the day before your surgery, you can expect less time in the chair and enjoy a relaxed state-of-mind knowing that your full mouth dental implants surgery guide was fully customized to your smile needs and is predictable.

Advantages of Chrome Guided Surgery

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Restore Your Smile With Precision

Chrome guided implant surgery has transformed the way we place dental implants with the precision, speed, and minimally invasive nature that creates the hand-crafted smiles our patients are yearning for.

Dr. Gendler is proud to offer this advanced technology for single, multiple, and full mouth dental implant placement. If dental implants seem like the right solution for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gendler to determine your candidacy. We want to see your smile shine once again!

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